Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bits and pieces

I've been home for 3 days and finally slept a little longer this morning. Getting right back into my life here, which is a good thing but now with the benefit of wonderful memories from my amazing adventure in Paris and Provence. 

Before I end this blog, with a sigh, I wanted to share just a few more pictures. These didn't make it into the blog earlier but deserve to be included now. I may have repeated a few here but some do bear repeating. 

I know I shared this but one memory will be the Eiffel Tower every day and from many places. 

The arches in Ste. Chapelle. This was beautiful from every angle. 

Beautiful floors. It seemed that there was embellishment in so many spots all around Paris. It seems to be dressed for the party at all times. 

Driving down ancient narrow streets. 

Some a bit wider than others. And the colors, ah, the colors. 

Another picture of Pont du Gard. It was hard to take a bad picture that day. 

An updated Proven├žal kitchen. I want this!

Still life. The fan is so telling. Not much AC in France. But the fan adds to the charm. 

A find in someone's house. Their home used to be a bakery and this was the oven. 

Bakeries, in a word, bakeries. 

Mediterranean blue

Shutters in Cassis. 


Another ancient narrow street. 

A wonderful trompe l'oeil window in St. Remy

Lavender fields everywhere. Sadly, not in bloom, but lovely and fragrant too. 

Old Proven├žal homes. So lovely. 

I'm ready to close the book on this adventure. I am so very fortunate to have had this opportunity and appreciate all of you who accompanied me by reading this blog. 

French is such a pretty language so I will say goodby in French but certainly not forever. If I could say I'll be back in French, I would, but instead, I will simply say Au revoir. 

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