Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This is Tuesday and I'm on the Mediterranean Sea!

I wish you all could have come along today as we traveled to Cassis, which is on the Mediterranean Sea! Oh, my goodness. I have never seen blue like this. I'm thinking this is what they mean by BLUE! Simply amazing. The picture above shows their easy pass system. Not sure exactly what each fare is but their tolls are pretty expensive. 

This was my first view of the port and No, it is not a postcard. Using my little iPhone camera, I managed to get these amazing colors. It really is exactly what you expect when you think of a Mediterranean town. 

We took a walk and then chose this restaurant. What should you eat in a Mediterranean town? Fish, of course. 

We chose one of the plat du jour and I started with tomatoes, basil, pesto on toasted bread. It was delicious. 

Next I had loup de mer,  which is Mediterranean sea bass, with fresh vegetables done to perfection and mashed potatoes. Chose coffee ice cream for dessert and the 3 courses were only 22 euros, about $28. And yes,I did have wine with this meal. 

We bought our tickets and headed to the boat. The boat takes you through the calanques, which are narrow inlets created by the prickly extensions of cliffs that border the shore (thank you, Rick Steves) creating beaches where boats and people sunbathe in sometimes rather precarious spots. And yes, we are in the south of France and some are sunbathing in the nude. Ouch!

I hope you can get a taste of the ride from the following pictures. Hard to capture the translucent blue of the water. 

Breathtaking is all I can say. 

The mountain structures are all pretty amazing too. The next picture shows a fortress or castle high up on the cliff. 

Always amazing to see the spots where these structures were placed. Hard to imagine the work and time involved. 

We visited one of the shopping streets, off the beaten path. A few times, you felt like you could close your eyes and you are back in old Cassis. 

Our bread for dinner of bread and cheese came from this shop. Sure will miss bread...

One more picture of this postcard town. Unbelievable. 

We passed this mountain, called Saint Victoire on our way home. This was painted by Cezanne who lived in nearby Aix en Provence. Artwork can be found at very turn. 

Sad to think that tomorrow is my last day here 😔 

Au revoir for now. 


  1. Lovely blog. What, no photos of naked sunbathers??!! Travel home safely.