Monday, September 30, 2013

A lazy day


After all the travels of the last week or so it was nice to have a slower start to today. I took this picture while resting and relaxing this morning. Isn't the blue sky incredible? I just love the colors here. 

This was the view from the back yard. Over the hedge you can just see the tops of the cemetery. Graves are above ground here in France. 

We headed out to the local cafe for a sandwich before going on our way. A ham and cheese on baquette sure tasted good. While we were eating, 8 local women came in to enjoy an afternoon of knitting. I loved listening to them greet each other and give the 3 traditional cheek kisses! So French. 

We headed to the market today. I love to see what you can find in supermarkets in other countries. This one is a pretty good size and is inside a mall. 

We know that French bread is great but they give a nod to American taste by stocking Harry's American sandwich bread. Imagine that! Best finds were ginger lemon dark chocolate and licorice mentos. 

The market was located in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue or island on the Sorgue, which has many canals and waterways but is not really an island. They call it the Venice of Provence. It is on the Sorgue River which originates from the area we visited two days ago. 

It is fun to decipher the street signs as we pass. Just ahead you can see the crosswalk, or zebra, with the pedestrian crossing sign. Apparently, in France, if you hit someone who is crossing on the zebra you are imprisoned for life! Pretty serious, I would say. And we cross at home so carefully hoping that cars will stop!

Right before we reached home, we passed a deux Chevaux. These cars were manufactured by Citreon from 1948-1990. The windows fold down and the roof rolls back. Farmers often used them to go into the fields instead of using horse and wagon. 

In for the night as we rest for tomorrow's adventure. A trip to Cassis which is located on the Mediterranean Sea. A first for me.  

Au revoir!


  1. Was Harry's bread white bread? I rmember when we were in Germany and they listed American sandwiches and they were all described as being made with white bread!
    We are going to the Braves first playoff game for the NLDS on Thursday!

  2. Nancy, I have really been enjoying your pictures and commentary. Keep it coming its great fun!!

  3. Love the cafe story of the women greeting and knitting. Wonder why the 3 cheek kiss - any idea? Did the grocery store remind you of any at home? I hope our beautiful weather here holds for your return. cg

  4. Oh Nancy - this all looks so wonderful - and so relaxing! What a great experience!