Friday, September 27, 2013

It's so French!

It was a dream come true today when we drove to Lourmarin and I went to my first French market. Yes, they are a little like our flea markets but much, much more upscale. No real haggling goes on here.  I only wish I had recorded the sounds so you could really enjoy the experience. Next time. 

We drove about 30 minutes through the mountains to the town of Lourmarin whose market is on Friday. Now I invite you to pretend you are in France with me and taking a walk through the market. If you have it, put on some French music and drink a cup of tea or maybe even a glass of wine. 

If you look closely, you can see the hairpin turns on the GPS. I'm so lucky that I got to be a passenger and not the driver. 

And now, let's shop. Is your music playing?

I think you get the picture. There really isn't much you can't find at the market. It is definitely a feast for all the senses. 

I was holding Elaine's market bag for her and no, I did not fill it! I will be going to a few more markets and kept reminding myself - moderation. Do I look French?

Halfway through, we made our way down this street to an outside cafe- we really are in heaven - and stopped for a mid morning drink. I chose hot chocolate which I quite interesting here. It is basically cocoa which is then served with sugar for you to sweeten it yourself. 

Now, I look happy! After finishing our shopping we headed to Lauris for lunch at a cafe. Elaine had made reservations but said it didn't matter when we got there since the table was ours for the day. Isn't that a great idea!  For a mere 15, 50 euros ( about $20) we had salad, entree (see below), cheese and sausage, cheese tray and dessert and of course complimentary wine and coffee. Unbelievable!

All this, and a lovely setting too!

After we pulled ourselves out of our chairs we headed home, including a stop in Curcuron to see an area that was featured in the movie, A Good Year. I've seen it once but now have to go and see it again. 

This is the E'tang which was used by many towns people to water their horses. 

I think there is a scene in the movie where Russell Crowe is having lunch at one of those tables. Check it out!

I wish I could take you all with me but do hope this gives you an idea of the journey. 

Au revoir for now!

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  1. It's just so darn quaint - love the market. cg