Thursday, September 26, 2013

Now this is Provence!

Can you believe this?  After dropping my stuff off at the house, Elaine drove up past the village of Gordes, on our way to the Abbey. It is an ancient village with many of the  houses built into the mountain
Not sure if you can see the swimming pool in one backyard. Modern and necessary because of the long season. 

It wasn't long before we reached this abbey. You may have seen it on Facebook, surrounded by lavender. Sadly, it is past the blooming season. The work of the abbey is done by only about 5 monks. We saw one today trimming the grass. 

It is really quite an amazing structure. Really lovely when surrounded by lavender in bloom. And quite amazing to think that it has been here for centuries, beautifully nestled in a valley. The work that went into building it...

We are getting back home to Oppede. Elaine and Larry's home is here and is absolutely adorable. I'm in heaven. 

Before we went back to the house, we drove through old Oppede. Can't you just imagine the stories these walls have to tell?

Here we are back home. The house is fairly new but fits in so well to the surroundings. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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