Sunday, September 29, 2013

The best laid plans...

...are often changed by the weather. Our plans today included the market, church, lunch on Gordes and then on to the Pont du Gard. Well, as the rain intensified, we just hung out but then made a dash out to the patisserie for croissants and pain du chocolat.  

Don't you think this would be a good way to start every day! Believe me, it was today. While the first part of our day was nixed we decided to head to the Pont du Gard and at least see it. 

See the sky in front clearing up?  Hope springs eternal. 

Our optimism was rewarded by the blue sky we found when we arrived. The Pont du Gard was an important part of the Roman aqueduct system in this area. The canals and this structure supplied nine million gallons of water a day to Nimes, an ancient European city. 

It is certainly amazing to see these remnants of the Roman Empire throughout Europe and to marvel at the work it took to build them. 

The massive stones and arches just boggle the mind and the eye. So glad the weather cleared so we could appreciate this marvel. 

So lucky to simply stroll away from the aqueduct and find an outdoor cafe open and waiting for our order. 

My goat cheese salad was delicious. The goat cheese is baked into the little pockets perched on top of the salad. 

Our drive home took us past the medieval city of Avignon. The 13th century wall was constructed to protect the city which served as the Vatican from 1309-1377. We drove all the way around the wall which is still in place. 

Through the window you can see the gold spire on the top of the church which is attached to the Palace of the Popes. 

Along the Rhone River, opposite the town, you can see St. Benezet or pont d'Avignon of nursery rhyme fame. (Carol G., you can start singing again). This bridge once connected the Vatican territory to France. 

Our drive home continued with blue skies and of course, enjoying the many simple structures along the road. This cabanon is right near Elaine's home and like many you see along the road. They were built as shelters for the shepherds and cannot ever be moved or changed in any way. So nice to see attention to traditions.

I am now more than halfway through this fabulous adventure. I am holding close so many sights and memories I have gathered along the way. 

Here is hoping for blue skies for the rest of the week!


  1. Whatever the weather, I'm sure you'll enjoy. Yes, I'm singing again!

  2. your photos of the aquaducts are terrific!