Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rural tranquility

We got off to a later start this morning, after enjoying a breakfast of Cavaillon melon and toasted baquette. No, bread at home will never taste the same again. They sure can do bread in this country!  

We headed to the town of Fontaine de Vancluse, most notable as the location of the source of the Sorque River. It appears as a murky green hole in the ground. And no one has ever actually found the bottom and discovered the source.  We ate lunch along the river, listening to the ducks who were foraging for food as we were enjoying a cool breeze and magnificent sights. 

I know, open your eyes, Nancy! This was our spot for lunch. I'm really going to miss cafes when I get home. Thought I should start putting in a picture or two of me so you believe I'm really here. I know I can't always believe it myself. 

This was directly across from our restaurant. Can you see the ruins above the roof of the building on the right? You really have to squint to see it. It is hard to imagine how it got there in the first place. 

One of many olive trees growing along the path. 

After strolling along the river and stopping in a few shops, we headed out of town toward Roussilon, located on the world's largest deposit of ochre. That is evident along the road and in the look of the buildings in the town. It reminded me very much of the red clay of Georgia. 

Entering the town. 

This was a common sight along the road. 

As is usual, our drive home took us through farmland which seemed to stretch for miles. This is a lavender field, one of many in the area. 

Grapes. It is interesting to see how many are changing color with the season. 

The best stop along the way was a place where there was an amazing view of Gordes, the hill town I took pictures of on my first day here. It seems to be carved from the rocks that it sits on. We are going to visit there tomorrow so I'll get a closer look. 

Really wanted to share some signage before I end. This is the sign that appears on the town limits as you are exiting a town or village. Makes perfect sense, don't you think?

Lucky for me I will not be exiting France for several more days. Many more sights to see and places to explore. 

Have a good evening, everyone